Business Coaching

Many small business owners are frustrated by low profits, slow or non-existent growth and the seemingly never-ending demands of running a business.

Using business diagnostics, we focus on key areas of your business where we often find weaknesses:


  • Targeting – are you getting the best customers for your business?
  • Advertising and Public Relations -are you spending money effectively?
  • Your message – does your marketing message reflect you to your potential customers


  • Hiring – are you hiring the right people?
  • Firing – are you keeping the right people?
  • Operations – are you best in class? Are your employees happy?  Are your customers?

Accounting and Finance

  • Basic Accounting – do you understand your numbers, can you explain them, do they tell the whole story?
  • Pricing – do you understand your costs and does your pricing reflect that?
  • Financing – how are you financing your business? Do you understand what your expenses are?


Are you managing or leading?  Do you inspire or just go through the motions?  What is your vision?