Take Control. Be Efficient. Be Profitable

Chris BoothI help high-performing service-based business owners create an efficient, profitable company that gives you the control and freedom you expect.

You need to move fast, yet this puts you in a vulnerable position to miss out on what’s good and interesting in life. For me, there’s nothing better than enjoying the outdoors, watching nature, spending time with family and friends and helping others. For you, it may be something else. When you’re shackled to your business, the time and fulfillment you imagined (your something else) quickly fade away.

That’s why I specialize in helping you lift the one-ton weight off your heart, sleep better at night and spend more time enjoying what matters most to you. I take the uncommon approach of putting your time first so you can profoundly change your business and personal lifestyle, while continuing to boost your bottom line.

While clients appreciate the improved cash flow and time to focus on their core business, what they say most about working with me is they no longer worry about the concerns that used to suck up all their time and resources. Getting my Fortune 50 expertise without the Fortune 50 price tag appeals to them too.

I draw upon my 40 years of financial and operational expertise in manufacturing and professional service industries to help you:

  • Identify money leaks, and recommend ways to shut them down
  • Ensure the right people are doing the right things in your business
  • Set the right price and deploy the best revenue model
  • Prioritize your best and most profitable clients
  • Develop a custom blueprint to help you implement improvements

Stop working twice as hard to stay in the same place

It all starts with a free diagnostic review where we’ll uncover the best way for you to create a business that thrives… with or without you.

Request your complimentary diagnostic review by contacting me at cjb@Boothbusinessconsulting.com